Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Jasmine Pearls

Jasmine pearls are jasmine-scented whole green tea leaves, dried and curled up into balls about the size of large pearls. When you pour hot water over them, they unfurl; they start slowly, maybe a little shyly, but soon turn into perfect little whole leaves. It's a virtual Sargasso tea in there, with the leaves waving gently back and forth whenever I bump the mug. I usually prepare this type of tea in a glass mug, just so I can admire the leaves and the color of the brew. In the first steeping, the tea is intensely green; in later steepings, the color and the taste both become more subtle.

When I get grouchy about life -- which often happens when I'm sick, when I'm editing PowerPoint, or when gadgets cease to work (all of which have happened recently) -- a cup of tea and a little music often serves to restore my cheer. I'm warm; I have interesting work; and I have tea. I even have good books: I started last night on a collection of H.L. Mencken's short pieces, and they're great treats. This is my reward for myself tonight, too, once I finish the edits to this dratted poster.

Best get back to it.

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