Sunday, January 09, 2005

Food again

I've been trying to read about duality for the past forty minutes, but I keep getting distracted by thoughts of food. Winnie and I made dinner last night, which was very good and quite filling -- but probably not so filling that I should have skipped lunch. Oops.

Before I go find something to eat, a recap:

  • Black currant tea

    The black currant blend from Peet's is delicious, probably the best of that type that I've had.

  • Salsa-spinach scramble

    Salsa: Saute an onion. Add tomato, garlic, jalapeno, and green peppers to taste. Cook it all together until it smells good. Mix a couple eggs, some milk, salt, basil, and plenty of chopped spinach. Scramble it all together. Add the salsa and serve.

  • Sweet bread

    1-2 cups of warm liquid (I used a cup of water and one of milk)
    A dollop of sugar (1-2 tablespoons)
    A dollop of salt (1-2 teaspoons, maybe?)
    A dollop of oil or butter (1-2 tablespoons or teaspoons)
    A package of yeast
    Flour as needed
    Raisins, walnuts, and honey (or jam or other sweet spreads)

    Mix liquid, sugar, and yeast. Let the yeast get started while you hunt up everything else and dump it in a bowl (start with a couple cups of flour). Pour in the liquid and knead in flour until it quits sticking to things.

    Roll the dough into a (thick) sheet before you start letting it rise. Spread the raisins, honey, and spread onto the sheet. Before you bake, roll everything together. If you're very skilled, you'll manage to roll things up so that you simultaneously have a little bit of filling in every slice but the very heels and have no places where the honey can bubble forth, lava-like, to produce a caramelized mess on the baking sheet. I'm not so skilled, and usually end up with both a caramelized mess and a few slices of plain bread. Since both plain bread and caramelized messes are good to eat, this is not a problem.

    Bake about half an hour at 350.