Sunday, October 03, 2004


Yee-haw is not a foreign policy
-- seen on a Berkeley shop window

Yesterday mid-afternoon, after Winnie finished her class and I finished writing some documentation, we took a walk toward the Berkeley Marina. We did not, however, actually make it to the Berkeley Marina. Instead, we ended up wandering around Fifth Street, which resembles nothing so much as an outdoor mall. There were a variety of shops that sold clothing and furniture -- or perhaps they sold image, since it seemed that the less fabric was involved in a piece of clothing, the higher the price tag was likely to be. Fifth Street is also home to a branch of Cody's Books, and a branch of Peet's Coffee and Tea, too, and I approve of them, whatever I may think of clothing stores.

The Paper that Will Not Die is in the hands of my co-authors. I've written about ten pages of draft documentation for HiQLab (a finite element code I'm developing which I've mentioned before, if not by that name). I finished reading Count Zero (Gibson) and Joel on Software (Spolsky), and I've started reading The Surgeon's Mate (O'Brian) and re-reading Rapid Development (McConnell). I made curry on Friday night, filled up on bread yesterday afternoon, and have no idea what I'll have for dinner tonight -- except that I'll have masala chai with whatever it is. I took lunch breaks longer than ten minutes yesterday and today: yesterday, Christof and I had burritos at a place around the corner, and today we ate at a Japanese place on the south side of campus (I had veggie udon). And so a weekend is spent.