Saturday, October 30, 2004


In addition to making chili, last night I spent some time reading my book and editing my web pages. What I probably should have been doing was editing my upcoming not-really-an-interview talk, but I didn't have the heart for it. I think the evening was well-spent, since the reformatting exercise forced me to re-read Sandy's sermons, which contain some useful reminders for crunch times.

I also wrote an autobiographical sketch of the sort that I find most exasperating: in truth, I've done some things right and some things wrong, managed to get to where I am now, and will probably go next wherever fate and fortune drag me. If you read, like tea, and know what an eigenvalue is, then you probably know as much about me already as you'd really reasonably wish to know. Alas, this is not the right attitude to take when promoting oneself and one's work to potential employers and funding agencies.

  • Currently drinking: Hot water (I forgot the tea until too late)