Monday, October 11, 2004

A weekend in quotes

Rick and Sarah came to visit on Friday afternoon, and stayed until Saturday morning. We met with Winnie for dinner, and on Saturday morning, we walked her to her class, and then made one last pass about Berkeley before I took them to the BART station.

Jim, this is my brother Rick and his girlfriend Sarah. Rick, Sarah, this is my advisor.
I see the family resemblance. How long are you here?
We just came to vacation this week. We leave tomorrow.
Jim to me: Some day, you'll be able to do such things, too.
And we've been here before.
Dave, you could have made up a completely different story about the gate this time, and we probably would have believed you.
It's milk tea with tapioca balls.
I think it's originally Taiwanese.
And here's Zachary's Pizza -- right between two of my favorite book stores
Do you want to go in?
No, I'm hungry, let's just get pizza.
You spell out words when you don't understand each other? And give dictionary definitions! Ha!
Rick and I usually just exaggerate our pronunciations when we don't understand.
What would you like for breakfast?
Ham? Eggs? Chai? Cocoa?
Just schweze. And some milk.

After Rick and Sarah left, I went to the office until Winnie got out of class. As I walked down the hill to meet her, I ran into my flatmate Jim and one of his buddies.

Anyhow, as I was saying, humor works in threes. You would realize this if you watched as much stand-up comedy as I do.
Wait, let me see if I have this straight. One of us is developing a mathematical theory of humor, and it's not me?
He has you there, Jim. And he only had to say it once to be funny.

Jim was pretty tipsy, and was loudly declaiming his theory of humor to us all, when we ran into a pair of Mormon missionaries walking in the opposite direction. Jim was insulting, the missionaries were earnest and condescending, and the whole situation was amusing.

Winnie took off for dinner with friends in the south bay, and I had dinner with my former neighbors and crazy Basque former roommate. After dinner, we saw Patxi's pictures from his trip, and then watched Real Genius.

One million dollars! Why are you laughing, Dave?
That didn't sound evil. In fact, rather the opposite.
It sounded sultry, really.
No! It was evil! Back me up, Mike.
I think I have to agree with Dave on this one. That did sound sultry.

Sunday, I went to the south bay, and Winnie and I spent the day on pancakes, walking around the lake, tea, miniature golf, air hockey, and sushi. And trying to see what benefits we could get for Winnie's birthday.

It's my birthday!
Happy birthday! I'd have put a candle in your Swedish pancakes, but it would have just fallen over anyhow.
Do you mind if we go ahead? It's his birthday.
That's fine, we're in no rush.
But it's my birthday, too!
We're slow, though. Do you really want those hellions to follow us through every hole in the course?
Thank you. You know, he was probably just as rowdy when he was that age.
Not David!
It's my birthday!
Happy birthday! It'll be about twenty minutes.
I guess they don't have birthday specials here.