Sunday, October 24, 2004


I'm working on a poster for a session on Tuesday. I need to finish it tonight so that I have time to get it printed tomorrow. I wanted to finish by 9:00 and to spend the remainder of the evening reading a Patrick O'Brian novel -- I've been working late most nights for the past month, and I've fallen behind on my leisure reading.

Remarkably, I was well on my way, despite my lack of PowerPoint expertise. That's when PowerPoint crashed. The diagnostic screen asked me if I wanted to save what I had before exiting PowerPoint. I thought that would be a good idea -- until I saw that what it wrote out was a 37 KB file which bore precious little resemblance to my poster.

I have to laugh when things like this happen. It really is ludicrous, and laughing is less costly than grinding my teeth and then paying the dentist to fix the damage.

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