Thursday, October 28, 2004

Rabbit ears

You probably think I'm odd for always wearing this hooded sweatshirt, I said this morning. But it's because I have big radiator ears, and they get cold! I grunted and shook my head for emphasis. Jim grunted and shook his head in reply, then dissolved into laughter. I poured my coffee and let my hands warm up, pausing now and then to put my steam-warmed hands up to my ears inside the hood.

I actually wasn't joking, at least not on purpose. We haven't yet fired up the heater, so the temperature inside the apartment at 7:30 am is about the same as the outside temperature at 6:30 am -- which is to say, it's colder in the apartment than it is outside. But I was pleased that Jim was entertained, even if my ears really were cold. I usually find that my deliberate efforts to be funny fall flat -- if the world wants to laugh at me, it needs to find its own humor in my actions. Fortunately for me, I tend to have friends and family who are easily entertained.

For the moment, I am very entertained by myself. Things are working! The predictions of my computations match experiments! That would be enough to make me happy on its own: add into the mix that I'm getting more users for one of my prouder software accomplishments (FEAPMEX), and that people are asking me interesting questions about eigenvalues that they can actually use for something -- and I'm dancing in the streets. Or in the office, as the case may be. And I'm getting the must-be-done tasks done in time enough, too, even if there isn't much time to spare.

I love days like this. It even makes up for a late night fighting with PowerPoint on Sunday.

  • Currently drinking: Some sort of tea. I've misplaced the box, but it smells good.