Thursday, September 30, 2004

Special K: Take 2

Upon my arrival home last night:

D: You should help finish the vat o' noodles in the fridge.
J: I'll do that. By the way, what are you going to do about that milk?
D: Milk?
J: Yeah, the bad stuff that's a week past the expiration date. Elena had her coffee before I had cereal yesterday, so I got a heads-up.
D: Oh! I'd never had Special K before, and I just thought that was what tasted terrible.
J: And you bought two boxes!

Around this time, Jim began to laugh, and ceased to communicate effectively for a minute or two. After that, we established that I'd bought the milk at Long's just a day ago; that there was a sale on Special K; and that Jim had bought a replacement gallon which was sitting in the fridge beside the sour milk.

I ate a bowl of Special K this morning. Guess what? It tasted pretty good.

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