Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Special K

When I went shopping for milk and cereal and machine oil yesterday, I picked up two boxes of Special K. I hadn't had Special K before, but it was on sale, and I'm not a picky eater, so I figured I would give it a try. So this morning, I poured myself a bowl of Special K -- and it was awful.

Have you ever had a multivitamin that makes you feel sick? I have a bottle of them at home, which I bought some time ago with good intentions of taking one a day. It's probably just the brand, but on no fewer than four occasions, I've tried taking them, only to discover that if I have a vitamin pill with my breakfast bowl, the back of my mouth fills with an awful metallic taste and neither vitamin nor cereal will stay down. Special K delivers that same special taste at the back of my tongue, the sort of flavor you might expect to get if you took light corn syrup and dissolved a lot of copper and sulfur and iron into it. It doesn't make me very nauseous, though, so I'll probably finish the box and rinse with mouthwash after each bowl, and never buy Special K again.

Well-intentioned advice can leave an awful taste in the throat, too. I got a dose of Special K advice today (mixed with some pretty good advice). Afterward, I spent a few hours wanting to avoid the world, and so I took my work home. Actually, that's overly dramatic -- I went home because my lunch was there, and because I wanted to sit away from my books and computer resources while I worked on a writing task. But I did leave the office in a markedly anti-social mood, which has fortunately now passed.

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