Friday, June 13, 2003

We had a barbeque last night. It was an interesting crew; mostly engineers, though not exclusively. The food was good, too. And now I'm happy to spend a very quiet evening on my own. I walked home from campus this evening. I stopped at the top of Solano to look at books and have a bite to eat. It was a pleasant walk. Now perhaps I'll read for a while, or maybe take a nap. I haven't decided.

Bai visited campus today, and we spent a while getting his account reactivated. It was deactivated once before, and it shouldn't have been deactivated then. It's straightened out now, I hope. But it's disconcerting to have someone write This account should be reactivated, please, and receive the response This account will be deleted completely in two weeks.

There is still a bug in my code, but it's a different problem this time. The last two bugs, which took about nine hours to diagnose, were fixed with the addition of three characters to my code. I'm not sure whether to be pleased or disgruntled by this.