Monday, June 30, 2003

My office mate is getting married. I'm surprised. I figured it would happen eventually, but not so soon. I suppose this is further evidence that I don't always understand people.

I made my first use of the microwave this afternoon. This weekend I christened the rice cooker. I didn't use enough rice, so the rice I made had a thin crust on the bottom. I've been told repeatedly how superior a rice cooker is to an ordinary pot, but the rice I make in a pot is no worse than what I made in the cooker this weekend. Now I've been told that if I make at least three cups at a time, I'll be impressed by the difference. We'll see.

The SIGCOMM paper deadline is tomorrow. The paper I'm co-authoring is in good shape, but still... I don't really know if I'll get anything else done until it's out of the way. Maybe I won't get anything done.

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