Thursday, June 19, 2003

Every so often I go through my archives to check that they are all there. Sometimes they aren't. They weren't today, for instance. Blogger has a republish feature that allows you to regenerate archived pages after you've changed something, but I don't understand why the feature should require manual invocation.

From a conversation yesterday:
D: I think getting and updating an accurate network scan sounds far trickier than the linear algebra.
Y: That's because you're a mathematician, not an engineer.

Ah, the difference a title makes. Which is no difference at all. I suppose it's more descriptive for me to say that one friend is a mechanical engineer, another a chemical engineer, and another a computer scientist than to say they do stuff. On the other hand, the mechanical engineer is half chemist, the chemical engineer is mostly a physicist, and the computer scientist is half a statistician.

And one day when none of us are graduate students any more, we'll probably all have even less descriptive titles. But those titles will begin with capital letters, which signifies the progress we make over the years.

I currently have a mayfly's concentration span. This is not conducive to my productivity.

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