Friday, May 23, 2003

Memories from the Simpson's:
Nelson: How many monkey butlers will there be?
Bart: Only one at first, but he'll train others.

It's just as well that I will never have a monkey butler. Only ill could come from such a thing.

Heidi left this morning. I helped clean a little last night, and bought her bike from her. That solved her quandry of how to ship the bike, and it gave me the impetus I needed to finally replace my trusty-only-in-spirit pedal-powered steed. I took my new bike to Missing Link this morning to get it tuned up and to get a replacement for the cable to the rear brake. When I returned home this evening, I took the wheels off my old bike and put the whole thing in our storage area. The new bike is ligher, is more suited to road riding, has better shifters and brakes, and has a frame more nearly my size.