Thursday, May 22, 2003

I installed GnuPG 1.22 and Mozilla 1.4b this morning. Both installations were surprisingly painless.

Patxi and I have had a small cone filter for coffee almost since we moved here. Esther was impatient with the wait that the small filter entailed, and so now we have a large cone filter. The large filter is sufficiently large that it's feasible to brew a pot of coffee rather than a cup. So this morning I brewed two cups of coffee in the pot. And since Patxi is traveling, I drank both cups myself.

I also made a pot of Earl Grey tea later in the day, and a cup of peppermint tea this evening. I took a break this afternoon to walk to 99 Ranch to buy a tapioca milk tea, too. And I've had several cups of water and juice.

The code I'm working on went from running in 14 seconds on my test problem to running in 60 seconds. So much for my improvement. I've halved the memory requirement, though, and I know where the performance problem is and I have some idea how to fix it. I've even written the modified code which I hope will run faster. But before I can get it to run faster than my original code, I have to get it to run at all. And right now, I have an indexing error.

Coding work is therapeutic. So is jazz. So I'm coding and listening to jazz. I'll catch up with the rest of the world this weekend and next week.

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