Friday, May 02, 2003

The evolution of a computation:

  • Derive a finite element for consistent electromechanical simulation.
  • Try to explain to a friend what I just did. Fail. Swear.
  • Try to explain to an advisor what I just did. Have error in derivation pointed out. Swear.
  • Finish working out the formulas.
  • Think about implementing formulas. Shudder
  • Eat a bowl of ice cream.
  • Implement the element. Write sanity checks, which fail.
  • Tell the computer it's mother was a goat.
  • Debug. Swear. Debug.
  • Tell Matlab thou'rt a stupid-head!
  • Element passes sanity tests. Try it in a more complete test.
  • Give up. Sleep.
  • Discover the inevitable sign error. Roll eyes.
  • Puzzle over why the simulation doesn't behave as expected.
  • Puzzle more.
  • Discover expectations were incorrect. Swear.
  • Get consistent results. Try larger example.
  • Large example is painfully slow.
  • Think about appropriate insults for an inanimate object.
  • Rewrite element in C. Now bottleneck is elsewhere.
  • Rewrite assembly in C. No more bottleneck!
  • Try larger example. Bottleneck is now where expected.
  • Record pointless list on bloc.
  • Go to sleep.

Mmm. Sleep.

(Editorial note: Mentally calling the computer a foolish pig-dog in a Monty-Pythoneseque pseudo-French accent counts as swearing.)