Thursday, May 08, 2003

I jigged my way from my room to the kitchen to fix myself a cup of tea earlier this evening. Patxi and Esther were in the living room, and Esther was reading a book I loaned her. The Years of Rice and Salt by Kim Stanley Robinson is an excellent alternate history developed from the question How would history have developed if the bubonic plague were a little more virulent and killed 99 percent of Europe's population? As I waited for my tea, we had this conversation:

D: How do you like the book?
E: I like it. And it's good now, since I should learn about Islam for my exam.
D (continuing to dance a little jig): Cool.
E: You seem awfully happy. Are you twitterpated?
P: She means Have you found a girlfriend?
D: No, but I get to explain sparse linear algebra to people who might not care.
E: Hmm. It is spring, you know.
D: I know. But in this case I'm just in a good mood. No twitterpation, alas.

And I am in a good mood. And I should probably finish this subsection of the extended abstract I'm helping to write, and then go to bed so that I can be in a good mood again tomorrow.

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