Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I finished My Brother Michael last night. I highly recommend it. Now I want to travel in Greece.

Cleaning my paper pile produced more measurable results than most of my activities today. I spent most of my productive hours debugging to the background sounds of Alistair Cooke's Letter to America, Sound's Eclectic, and To the Best of Our Knowledge. The last program was on coffee, and was moderately interesting.

I made stir-fry this evening. Soba noodles, baby corn, mushrooms, red bell pepper, brocolli, tofu, an egg, black bean sauce, and soy sauce. Quickly cook the veggies with soy and black bean sauce while the noodles boil, then add noodles and egg. Easy, filling, and nutritious. I have not cooked such a good meal for myself in a while. It almost made up for the drain of a day of debugging.

I watched an episode of Nova next door, did some more work (not all of it debugging), ate the last few ginger cookies, and spent some time surfing the web. And then I made tea, sipped it... and felt blue. My life does not look particularly grim right now by any reasonable measure, so I can only hope this mood is a reaction to sleepiness and mild allergies. The right remedy is probably to sleep a while.