Friday, November 07, 2003

Comments I've received this semester:

  • So how does a computer scientist get such an intuition for fluid dynamics?
  • So you do numerical linear algebra, right?
  • As a mathematician, you probably have a different intuition, but I'm a networking person.
  • So you're in mechanical engineering, right?
  • So you're an EE, right?
  • Well, this makes life easier for the mathematicians, but harder for the engineer -- yes, but you are the engineer in this case.
  • So you're a PDE guy?
  • I didn't know mathematicians could think such un-lofty thoughts.
  • Yes, I dealt with that by joining both departments, but it's a bad idea for junior faculty.
  • So when are you graduating? (times umpteen)

Ah, the joys of multidisciplinary research -- it sows such confusion. Lots of people attack the same problem from different backgrounds, and they all get confused about different things.