Monday, March 08, 2004

I stuck my head through Mike and Tracy's door this evening to show off my new hat, and this conversation ensued:

D: Did you know the Siberian crane dabs a collar of mud around its neck as part of its courtship ritual?
T: (laughing) I'm trying to decide which is funnier, the crane or the hat.
D: Looks like you're leaning toward the hat.
M: What I want to know is, where did you find out about the crane?
D: I just finished a book on cranes by Peter Matthiesen. I gather from your expression that you find the hat amusing, too? I got it to keep the sun off my neck.
M: Well... you look a little like a hybrid between a geeky computer scientist and someone who should be named Billy Bob.

The Prairie Home Companion radio show this week was a repeat from earlier in the year. It was done in Nashville, Tennessee, and includes a skit of concert musicians being taught to guffaw, wear coveralls, and keep chickens handy in order to make the Grand Old Opree more authentic. I suppressed the urge to slap my knees and say hee hee hee! and Mike's comment -- but just barely.

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