Wednesday, October 01, 2003

I have a cold, or at least a good approximation to one. I also have a cup of herbal tea with honey. The two don't cancel, unfortunately. But the tea is hot and sweet and berry-flavored, and it's gentler than a cup of coffee. My symptoms are mild -- just a stuffy nose -- and I have high hopes that they will dissipate soon. Hope springs eternal.

I've lost my Sandia National Lab mug, which saddens me terribly. I should remember to bring a replacement mug to the office. The cabinet at home is full of mugs to the point of overflowing, so taking a mug to the office would solve (or at least partially ameliorate) two problems at once.

I have a difficult time remembering how exactly my week has gone so far. There was a lot of interaction with various folks: I was a guinea pig for Raffi's user study, helped Sanjay with a presentation, talked to a classmate about the fluids homework, and sent out an example parameterized system for Jiawang to use for his experiments. I also finished the fluids problem for this week. And I intended to go to bed early Sunday night, Monday night, and Tuesday night, and failed each time.

Perhaps I'll succeed in going to bed early tonight.

  • Currently drinking: Wild-Berry Zinger with a liberal dose of honey.