Monday, October 20, 2003

Despite my best intentions, I did not print transparencies before my talk on Friday. Fortunately, the laptop projector worked fine. The talk seemed well-enough received, and in any case is now presented and past.

Winnie and I spent Saturday afternoon at Lake Elizabeth in Fremont. We paddled around the lake in a boat for a little while, and spent some time walking around. We played on the swings for a few minutes, and contemplated playing on various other things in the playground. Not every playground toy scales as well as a swing -- a six-foot slide doesn't work so well for a slider just over six feet -- but it was fun nonetheless.

Returning from the BART station in El Cerrito, I encountered a gentleman wandering barefoot along the sidewalk, drinking something that smelled like paint thinner from what looked like a pickle jar. As I walked past, he said to his companion Hey, he looks like he might know something about computers! And he stopped me and asked a few technical questions about Linux and about a Windows XP reinstall he was contemplating. His speech was a little slurred, but his comments made perfect sense. Huh. Something similar happened a few weeks ago when I was stopped by a gentleman smoking outside his apartment. He didn't want to ask about computers, but he did want to read my t-shirt, which had a summary of the RSA cryptosystem algorithm on it.