Tuesday, September 23, 2003

I'm drinking Stash peach-flavored black tea again this evening. It suits me particularly well this evening.

Sanjay and I met at a cafe at 9:00 this morning to talk about where we were and what we wanted to ask Howe and his students when we met them at 10:00. The meeting with the resonator folks was productive, I think. After the meeting I had a short break, then PDE lecture. Then I spent some time quietly scribbling my way through some more scrap paper, and then came home. I bought some groceries on the way back: milk and cereal, pears and yogurt, cabbage and baby corn, and black bean sauce and chow mein noodles. Huzzah for food! And for someone to help eat it.

I think I should turn in early tonight. When I'm tired, my eyelid betrays me. In fact, it betrays me whether or not I actually realize I'm tired. It started to droop markedly shortly after I returned home. My eyes have been particularly irritated since yesterday morning, or perhaps even since late Sunday night; all the more reason to let them close early.

  • Currently drinking: Black tea with peach