Wednesday, September 03, 2003

I woke early this morning to the sound of thunder from dry lightning. The news this morning warned of possible fires, which would not be good. Thunder, though... I miss thunder, sometimes. We have few electrical storms in this area.

I'm looking forward to getting to some physics in the fluid mechanics course. Thus far, we've reviewed linear algebra facts; that's well and good, but I'm getting impatient for something I don't know so well. We were given all the homework for the semester in one handout (it's not all due at once), so I know that there are some interesting-looking topics soon. I just wish soon would be now. I suppose there is a balance of things that I wish would come sooner than they do and things I wish would come later than they do. On the mean, I probably wish time would progress about at the rate it actually does. So I will deign to let time flow at its current pace. Huzzah for hubris!

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