Sunday, August 24, 2003

When I came home Friday night, I thought to myself, I'll take this evening off, then work for the remainder of the weekend. I'm excited! I'm motivated! And I was wrong. I spent Friday evening reading and Mars-watching. I spent Saturday morning reading and listening to the radio. I wandered to the top of Solano on Saturday afternoon, and watched a bad Steven Segall movie with my neighbors on Saturday night. The movie was dubbed into Spanish, so following the plot was a little trickier than it might otherwise have been. Fortunately, the plot was not particularly deep and the dialogue was not all that complicated.

I spent most of today's motivation on clearning and reorganizing in my room. With some judicious packing, I cleared the piles of books that were starting to take over every elevated flat surface in my room. My shelves are full, but at least my desk has free space for writing once more.

My first lecture of the semester is tomorrow morning at 9:00. I'm looking forward to the lecture, but I'm not looking forward to going to campus at 9:00. There are advantages to working from home in the morning: I have a larger desk here, I have a kitchen where I can prepare hot food or coffee, and I have a window that lets in sunlight and lets me look out at the world. The window shades at the office are always drawn to prevent glare on the monitors; anyhow, the only thing we can see through the window is the side of Etcheverry hall. It's also sometimes easier to work undistracted when I'm at home. Or perhaps it's just a different set of distractions, sometimes easier to resist than the distractions at the office, sometimes not.