Sunday, August 03, 2003

David's wedding was Friday. We drove to Tahoe, attended the ceremony and reception, and drove back. The ride was a little under four hours in one direction, so we were in the car a long time. Both the wedding and the ride were fun. I see Rich and Jason often enough; we share an office, after all. And Jimmy drops by frequently, too. But conversations on a long car trip evolve differently than break-time conversations at work.

I finished Dawn to Decadence on Saturday. Barzun writes vigorous, engaging prose, and I enjoyed the book thoroughly. I also enjoyed closing the cover and thinking Done! The book is about eight hundred pages, and I did not read those pages quickly.

I did no school work this weekend. Instead, I read and played, ate lunch with Elaine, visited Barnes and Noble, and did small chores around the apartment. I also bought an external USB CDR drive to use with my laptop. I've been lax about making backup copies of data which I could, in principle, recover from another source. But if I lost my laptop drive now, I would lose the organization of much of my data; and that would be painful.

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