Monday, June 13, 2005

Pines and Signs

I got my new glasses yesterday morning, and since then I've been admiring the world's sharp edges. My vision isn't terrible, but I am more myopic than I was when I got my last pair of glasses (eight years ago?). I'd noticed in the past couple years that I was having increasing difficulty reading street signs and seminar slides, but I did not notice that the needles on the upper boughs of the local firs had blurred together, nor that the dish antenna atop one of the local buildings had ceased to look like a mesh. But now I can see these things again! I went to El Cerrito in the early afternoon to retrieve a book from a friend (Frankel's Geometry of Physics), and walked back home, enjoying the sun and the trees and the fact that I could read street signs at a distance. I'm sure that in my peering about I looked slightly daft, and I don't care.

Of course, now I can see how dusty the corners of my room are...

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