Tuesday, March 22, 2005


Late Saturday morning, Winnie and I walked to the Cheeseboard for bread. I can't see how any other bakery within a mile stays in business, said Winnie; I replied that other bakeries stay open longer. Besides, baked goods go well with coffee, and any city that can support as many cafes as Berkeley supports must also be able to support more than one bakery.

The Cheeseboard is a co-operative, which explains both the all-too-short business hours and the very reasonable prices. The store sells both bread and cheese, but I almost always stick with the bread. We each bought two rolls on Saturday morning, one sweet and one salty. I had an olive focaccia and a pecan roll, and Winnie had a provolone-olive roll and a corn-cherry scone. We each had a few bites of the other's bread, and it was all good. We saved the scone for last, and savored it (with coffee in my case) while sitting in Berkeley Espresso.

Beside the rolls, we bought a loaf of provolone-olive bread to go with dinner. I've mentioned this bread before: it's soft and salty and cheesy, and it goes great with heirloom tomatoes in the summer. We still bought some tomatoes to go with the bread at dinner, and though the tomatoes weren't as wonderful as summer tomatoes, we did choose a variety that had more flavor than so many red tennis balls. It was still a good combination.

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