Saturday, May 29, 2004

Bread from the Cheeseboard is one reason the Atkin's diet would be considered cruel and unusual punishment if anyone were ever subjected to it involuntarily (fads can be cruel and unusual, but perhaps don't count as punishment). I went there yesterday during a scheduled computer outage, and today when Winnie came to visit. I shared in a cheese-and-olive roll, a spicy roll laced with a less strong cheese, and a brioche. I also got a twist bread laced with nuts and raisins to go with dinner. It was all very good.

Plain yogurt with honey and fresh strawberries is good, too. So was the dish of red lentils with cilantro and tomato, and flavored with salt, paprika, curry powder, garam masala, turmeric, and jalapenu. So was the egg scramble with spinach, onion, pepper, and tomato for dinner this evening, or the almost-French onion soup for an appetizer (almost-French because I inherited extra chicken stock from a friend who moved recently, so I used that instead of the usual beef stock).

I sometimes miss meals. I sometimes live on rice and beans for a week, or on bread and cabbage (and salt). I'm not sure what to do with more than one fork, and even if I could stomach wine and ate meat regularly, I'd probably be largely indifferent to what vintage is supposed to complement what type of meat. But when I take the time to plan a meal, it's good.