Wednesday, July 23, 2003

I'm on a Reading Binge. Taking a break from Dawn to Decadence, I've been reading light fiction, mostly. In particular, since I returned I've gone through:

  • The Gathering Flame - Doyle and MacDonald
  • The Wellstone - McCarthy
  • Drowned Planet - Foster
  • Men at Arms - Pratchett
  • In the Heart of Darkness - Drake and Flint
  • The first 2/3 of Destiny's Shield - Drake and Flint

Ah, books. Reading while rain patters on the roof is a joy of life. It's a rare joy in California in the summer, though there is plenty of rain in the winter months. But the weather in Maryland has been cool and wet all year, and it has rained frequently since I returned.

Rick visited home yesterday evening through this afternoon. At lunch, he asked if I'd be interested in visiting him at their place near College Park for a couple days. I thought about it, and declined. Rick replied, I understand; it's hard work being interesting. And he's right! Rick understands me well.

And now I'm going to finish my book and sleep.